Lesson from Dog the Bounty Hunter

Lesson from Dog the Bounty Hunter



Not too long ago I woke up in the middle of the night and flipped on the television. I happened to catch the tail end of the show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. I had not seen the show in quite a while but I’ve always been a closet fan. I also have to admit I find it rather amusing to see this family chase down criminals, get in cursing battles, and put the beat down on random “fugitives” only to huddle up for a group prayer to thank God at the end. Nothing wrong with them praying (like I mentioned, I enjoy watching the show). However, at the end of this episode, Dog’s granddaughter wanted to pray and right before she did, these were the Dog’s words to her, “Hurry up sweetie. God is really busy.” I sort of did a double take and thought, “What did he just tell her?”. Now, I’m not sure if he was being

mindful of the camera crew and the length of the show. It’s quite possible that he had spent many nights hearing her pray for every little thing her mind could think of. But no matter his reasoning, the truth is he is shaping what that little child believes about God and the truth is He is never too busy to listen.

When Jesus heard them, he stopped and called, “What do you want me to do for you?” – Matthew 20:32

David may have been sitting out in a pasture one night, taking in all the glory of God’s creation, when he wrote, “O Lord, what are human beings that you should notice them, mere mortals that you should think about them?” (Psalm 144:3). Good question. Why would God care about us? Who knows, but He does. If it concerns us, it concerns Him. If it is a burden to us, it is a burden to Him. We see this illustrated in the life of Jesus. He was on His way to Jerusalem to die on a cross. He had just dropped the bombshell news that He would be crucified. He knew the end was near. Yet He went out of His way and took time for two blind men. Matthew tells us they were sitting by the road outside of Jericho when they heard Jesus was coming by. So they began to cry out, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!” (Matthew 20). People tried to quiet them down, but that made them even more determined to get His attention. So Jesus stopped and called out to them, “What do you want me to do for you?”. They told Him, “Lord, we want to see!”. The Bible tells us that Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes, and immediately they could see. This is a reminder that God is never too busy for us. We may think God has so much going on in the universe, and He does. But we are His children, and He always has time to hear our prayers.

So keep watching the Dog and his bounty hunter adventures and be thankful that even though he may be busy, God is not!

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