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Jesus’ power is amazing. In this week’s teaching, we find Jesus and the disciples in a boat in the middle of a raging storm. Have no fear though! Jesus has power over nature, and He used it to calm the storm. Even the disciples were asking, Who is this that even has power over the wind and waves? Jesus! That’s Who! And, Jesus is amazing! Have fun with this week’s activities as you marvel in how amazing Jesus is!


Two reminders:




Story- Calming the Storm • Matthew 8:23-27
Bottom Line- Jesus is amazing.


Verse- “Everyone who heard him was amazed.” – Luke 2:47


Lesson, Activities, and Resources-




Story- Ant and Sluggard • Proverbs 6:6-8


Verse- “Suppose you can be trusted with something very little. Then you can also be trusted with something very large.” – Luke 16:10a


Bottom Line- Work Hard


Monthly Life App- Responsibility—Showing you can be trusted with what is expected of you


Lessons, Activities, and Resources-



Discussion Questions-

  • Describe a time when you had to work hard. What did you enjoy about that experience? What did you not enjoy?
  • Why do you think some people are harder workers than others?
  • If someone is super smart, does that mean they don’t have to work as hard as others?
  • Do you think it’s possible to work TOO hard? Explain why or why not.
  • What should be our motivation for working hard and not being lazy?
  • When you’re feeling lazy, what helps you to get going again?