Serving Opportunities

RLC Care Kit Assembly/Delivery

Do you know of a neighbor or family who could use a tangible gift of some encouragement? Maybe it’s someone who is elderly, a college student, or someone who is single and living alone. Consider putting together a Care Kit and either delivering it, or allowing us to deliver it to someone in need. Here are some suggestions for what to include: a bag/box, cleaning supplies (Lysol wipes, gloves, ect), personal items (tissues, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, snacks (chips, crackers, candy), a book, canned goods, basics (milk, eggs, bread, peanut butter, etc). You can even print out this card from RLC to include in your kit.


RLC Grocery Delivery

What better way to show the love of God in a practical way than to be able to alleviate concerns and provide a free grocery delivery service. We have people within the RLC family who are facing additional fears. These older adults, ages 65+, or those of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions and face a higher risk for more serious complications.


To Request Service

If you are at a higher risk, please let us serve you in this small way! We want you help you stay safe and healthy so you can join with us again in worship in the near future. Whether you need several items or just one or two, click here and we’ll connect you with someone who is excited to serve you!


Join Our Delivery Team

We know there’s a group of people in our RLC family who would love to serve in this way. In fact, we’ve already had a couple of you tell us to let you know when we hear about a need because you’re ready to go! If you’d enjoy serving on this team, click here to let us know.