Anne Arundel County Pop-up Pantries

What is a PUP?


A PUP, or pop-up pantry is a short term local food distribution site in an area where existing pantries are overwhelmed or don’t exist that can lead to long term impact. Pop-up Pantries are one of the best ways churches can serve their local community/neighborhoods in this moment of the COVID-19 crisis.


Walk the Walk and Love AACO are teaming up with local churches like Renovate life to bring food for families in need. This coalition is working with food wholesalers to maximize food purchases and also avoid depleting local grocery stores. Thank you for sharing in this vision with us!



How can I get more information?


The Love AACO website is the best source of information about the country PUP program. Love Anne Arundel is a coalition of like minded churches and organizations collaborating together to help meet the most critical needs among our most vulnerable neighbors.


How can I serve?


The easiest way to serve PUP is by donating to the cause through Walk the Walk. Rather than you purchasing items from stores we ask that you donate through Walk the Walk because they are able to access volume discounts that make those dollars go further. An example of this is Tyler Heights where 2,000 people were able to be fed for just 1 dollar each! Walk the Walk is a recognized 501(3)(C) charitable organization, which makes your donations 100% tax deductible.


Renovate Life is currently providing on-site support at a couple of locations in Anne Arundel County.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact us  or visit the event pages below (listed by location).  Please note that this serving opportunity is currently only available to persons 18 years old and up.